WalknTalk – Fortress Hohenurach

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Join me on my ramble as I lead you through the ruins of the Fortress Hohenurach in the Swabian Alb of southern Germany. One of the more important ruins of the area. In 1025 the construction of the Hohenurach Castle (located near Bad Urach) was initiated by the Counts of Hohenurach and in 1264 it was bought by the Count of Wuerttemberg. In 1428 it got expanded to a fortress and from 1534 to 1556 it was converted to one of the seven county fortresses of Wuerttemberg and since then it was also used as a national prison. In 1694 parts of the castle got destroyed because of a lightning bolt that struck the magazine of the outer ward and in 1765 Duke Carl Eugen of Wuerttemberg ordered its destruction.

A beautiful romantic spot, the steep hike up is rewarded with magnificent views of the land. ♥





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