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August 13, 2013 09:00PM


“ And so it begins, I am here.

I am once again, Emmanuel.

Tonight we will talk about vibrations and choices, decisions, and the importance of recognizing that everything is a vibration.  But first we will address the topics that you have deemed important enough to discuss. The most important one being your financial situation.  Both of you are working through your self worth issues, both of you are working through worthiness issues. This is nothing new to you.  You wish to hear of something that is new to you. Aaaaaah – but you already know everything that is, there is nothing that I can say or give you that you don’t already know or that you are not aware of here in this world or in this dimension.  It is not lack of love, except lack of love for yourselves, lack of faith in higher, lack of faith in providence and lack of faith in the abundance of the universe.  And yet when you look around you you see only abundance, that is the truth of it all is the abundance which nature provides.  Not a lack which is being shown on tv which is so firmly ingrained on your minds… Not the lack which others speak of which is consistently empowered through their continual regurgitation about their neverending lack, which is actually a continual fear of neverending lack, they’re not lacking in any which way shape or form. (sigh)

When you look outside and you see the trees, all of them, forests full of trees standing tall, with roots that grow deeper and broader than the crown of the tree, pulling in enormous amounts, each tree, of minerals and water from the soil, each day each hour each minute  to survive, when you see meadows full of grass, each grass blade completely unique, firmly embedded in the soil pulling in minerals and water to survive, the sunlight touching each blossom each grass blade each leaf, kissing and caressing it – where do you see lack in this world?  The mother provides for her children, the father provides for his children, life provides for life.  And yet you all are obsessed with this phantom, this thoughtform this fear of lack. No children you need to change your focus. Know that you are worthy.  Move beyond knowing that you are worthy.

Whatever there is on earth to have, it is your divine right to have.  Whatever comes through your mind that you would need or want or desire it is your divine right to have that.  I have told this entity in this vessel numerous times – you cannot have or want what you cannot have – the thought simply won’t cross your mind.  And I have given her this example numerous times and she has passed it on.  Have you ever seen a rosebush want what an eagle wants?  Have you ever seen a rosebush say come, let us fly away today let us hunt rabbits… because it is not in the design of a rosebush to have that why would it want that?  Or gave you seen an eagle sit still for days on end, thinking its much better to be a plant, I’ll just stand here until I grow roots, then I won’t have to hunt rabbits anymore?  That is ridiculous!  You need to accept who you are in your core. And proclaim it to the world!!  Bloom!! Then you will know no lack.  You will be living your divine purpose and divinity will support that.  It will become the earth underneath your feet and give you divine nutrients, it will become  the sun from the sky which kisses you with light. But your constant obsession with lack and comparing yourself with other people and what they have and what who has… pleeaase….Accept who you are, and who you came here to be.  No one person is exactly the same as the other.  And if you cut yourself off from the flow of life in one corner, you’ve cut yourself off from the flow of life completely in all corners.  Do you understand?  And that is your financial issue.  (Andrea: yes)

Have no fear what others say, about what you do, or who you are?  What do you care about what unbalanced say?  Anyone who is in balance, or in attunement with life, with divinity will see nothing in you but the shine of God. No matter what you do, when you walk through the forest, and you hear the birds singing, you feel the shade of the branches moving above you and swaying in the breeze, you see the flowers blooming, do you compare the flower to the tree to the bird? No you accept them each for who they are, and so it shall be with you as well, once you have accepted yourself as who you are.  Then and only then will the others be able to see the divinity in you, and whoever is not seeing the divinity in you cannot see divinity yet.  They’re still working on it – that’s ok.  And it won’t matter because at that point you won’t be attracting those kind of people in your life.  As you grow and evolve – you already know this – you will be shifting and changing and it will manifest in your life and you cannot hang on to that, when people flow in and out and in and out.  Even in the animal kingdom everything changes.

There is a constant flow and movement because life is movement.  And this ties in with what I said yesterday.  You fear change because  you do not trust divine providence.  You do not trust love.  You do not trust that without controlling the flow or setting a specific goal that anything good will come to you. And so you fear change.  Gasp – omg – I am going to lose this person, I am going to lose that job, I am going to lose this item – so what? Have you ever gone without, completely naked and destitute, one day in your life? Has there not always been a sudden situation or person that showed up?  Where do you think they came from? This phantom of fear is very persistent and very very difficult for you in this plane to see through. I hope that has answered your question as to your financial .. problems.

Next question… retainer and then meditation.

And so we move to the actual topic of the evening if I may… I hope I’m not boring you excessively but we will be talking on the topic of vibrations, vibrations and the necessity to see and understand that everything is a vibration everything is a unique vibration has it’s own signature and purpose and an intention behind it.

Yes you were intended.  Of course you were intended.  Anything that is created or alive or is a be – ing is an intention of higher.  Something higher.  Just as you are able to create things, there are other things which are able to create things as well, and that work with God Source energy creating life.  So it both correct that life when you hear that life was created by a higher sentient species, and it is also correct when you say that God created life, because without God there would be no life, and it is God who intended that the ability be given to these sentient beings.  This planet holds the vibration necessary, the intention necessary to be able to hold consciousnesses of the beings that need to develop the most expansion in the world of limitation. As the beings came here and grow up out of her consciousness and awareness these higher sentient beings began to seed light. They knew exactly what they were doing.  they could have left the consciousness to wither and hang out, nothing ever dies, but it does go flat, or give it a little boost, or give a littles assistance, or not that anyone can speak for God and I would never deem myself capable to do so.. but I think we can safely say and agree that God is beyond judgement.  He does not pick and choose what stays and what goes. God loves all.

Now as we go down further and further and further things become a little more divisive.  It has to that is the nature of things. The consciousnesses that were seeded here were to stay develop and expand. each one of you represents and intention, a concept, a thought, an idea, and ideal… they understand the power and energy of love, and realize that with love everything can grow.  This little world is like a petri dish where it can be seen, do we want to keep this little idea around, or do we want to let it go… that is one side of things. the picture is so much larger than that we can never discuss it all in your lifetime. when you understand that you are simply a vibration which is a .. the words that I use such as ideas concepts thoughtforms are inadequate to describe what you are, and what you represent, what we are, we living sentient beings.

But once you understand that you are simply a vibration, that what you are is not material, but immaterial.  But once you understand that immortal part of you whose signature remains through time and space and through all your lives and you understand that everything around is a vibration, everything is immaterial, this chair is an idea, someone had the idea.  I am going to make a chair and it has to be comfortable, it has to be decorative and functional – and they designed that chair… this chair was first immaterial before it manifested, and when you understand that everything is immaterial, that part of it that never dies and always moves and is in spirit as you call it, once you understand that and you see how it interacts, and you feel how it all connects, and you see how love lowers all resistances and it breaks through all barriers, softly gently, and you see how everything is easily influenced and connected to – there are no physical barriers, love breaks through all mental and emotional barriers, and now your consciousness is awake and aware – it has experienced limitations and pain, it has experienced the consequences of selfish actions, and now it is back in the unlimited, do you see now how you are Gods?

How you can influence everything across the Universes, simply through your vibration through your consciousness which is connected to all that is, and through love you can influence all that is? If you desire to be in a different part of anywhere, and you realize you are already there, because there are no resistances, and you are completely expanded and fully aware… my God do you see the beauty in that? Ha.

And do you understand now why your power had to be taken away from you?  And there is only one way  to remove power from a powerful being and that is to remove knowledge. So it was hidden.  And you came to believe that you are what you are.  But that was the only way you would learn in limitations, otherwise you would always know your power.  What good is it to put a 12 yo in a playpen and tell him to figure it  out…  he would just walk out.  Now remove his knowledge about his height size ability power, and see what he does then.  Now that is interesting, that is learning.  And that is what was done onto you.  And yet you are the most powerful beings in the universe, all you humanoids.  There are many many many earths.

And so when we speak of vibrations … your thoughts are vibrations which is an old old lesson now. Your heart send out vibrations, strong impulses, and when you see how one vibe overlaps and influences the other and there are no resistances, it is so easy to influence each other, to elevate energy to higher, how easy it is to spread love, and yet you all refuse to do so. You build up resistances and wall and wall and block and block and block.. and we wonder.  And we trust.  We know there is no other way.  And as you find our way, you assist others, what you learn spreads automatically through the field, your innermost vibration spread throughout the field, without your knowledge and control it is something you can’t help it is what it is, and so you all learn and are elevated.  Do you see?  Are there any questions you would like to ask?

Then we will leave it at that for today, although there is so much more to say.”

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