Ancestors and Ancestral Healing

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Ancestors… Always remember to honor your ancestors.  In many old and indigenous cultures people believed that the ancestors were always imminently present… close at hand, always willing to assist and help. They believed that the ancestors had paved the way for them to be in existence and therefore deserved love and respect.  What about ancestors that caused grief, pain, harm and anguish? Or ancestors that experienced grief, pain, harm and anguish?

Does that lift from us the responsibility of caring about those who walked before, who create the ground beneath our feet? Are we doomed to live with the same atmosphere ad carry forward with us the same pain our ancestors carried? Are we so with our head in the sky, mind in the clouds, that we do not honor the earth we stand in, made of the bodies of everything that came before… or are we so grounded in the past and past pain and fear that we cannot see the clouds drifting over our heads, reminding us that nothing is constant, except change…

No, we need to not forget where we came from and honor all our ancestors, those that had it good as well as those ancestors that caused us or others grief, and not forget those that experienced deep pain and suffering.  This is not about keeping the anger, pain or disappointment alive.  This is not about remembering their shortcomings.  This is not about about creating monuments around them or what they left behind, never to change anything, for things to remain as they are.  Honoring them includes acceptance, gratitude and forward movement in grace = change.

Our prayers and good intentions help them to advance in their afterlife, our good thoughts help them receive positive energy and grow the positive vibrations they have within themselves.  Their lessons, their trials, their mistakes help us advance more quickly, they showed us the ways it shouldn’t be done, so we don’t need to walk that path.  We all work together in this universe, we all learn together, we are all one.

Now with our modern knowledge of DNA, we understand that we really do carry our ancestors within us, spiritually and in manifested form, their traits, their abilities, their inclinations – all of it, from the very beginnings of humanity.  When you honor your ancestors, you honor yourself.  You honor the myriad possibilities of you, the many expressions of you you could take form in, you honor the continuance of life, you honor the expression of life in its various forms, you honor the abundance of Source in its unlimited expressiveness, joy and creativity, you honor the all of what you are, the entirety of what you are and not just a small part…the tip of the iceberg of who you are at this moment.  Ancestral healing is about healing yourself… and moving forward with what you have been gven to walk with in a positive uplifting graceful way.  It is finally lifting that chip off your shoulder, getting that monkey off your back, and not having to justify or apologize for anything… but gracefully acknowledging and accepting and then doing things “better”.

Honoring the ancestors is, in a way… all about honoring you.  From the One to the Many, from the Many to the One. We are all one.

Honoring and healing ritual:

Take a moment, each morning when you wake up.  Light a candle that you keep next to your family pictures.  Smile, and say a blessing or prayer, whatever comes to your heart.  Ho’oponopono (google if you don’t know this small effective ritual) can come up through you at this time as well… open yourself to it.  Think of your ancestors and any specific stories you remember.  Bless them and honor them… let that first sip of your coffee drop to the earth outside before you drink it.  Bless Mother Earth and all the ancestors that walked before whose bodies were returned to her.  Let your first smile of the day be for the sun. Open yourself to the life giving force. Say a small prayer for the ancestors of the land you live on and in.  Close your eyes and allow the air to consciously flow through your entire body, breathe deeply and thank Heavens for life. Ask to feel the spark of life within you, the divine flame of life you’re living on borrowed time with…

Feel divinity within.  We are all One.

Kar <3

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