Lord Ganesha

I promised to write a bit regarding my connection to Lord Ganesha…so here it is.


Maybe it will be of some help if I first draw a brief minimal sketch of my worldview… I believe that everything exists we can conceive of, and everything exists that we can’t conceive of… trying to explain the world through our limited acknowledged five senses is akin to a man sitting in a house with five windows –  trying to explain the world outside  the house using only the information he can gain through those five windows.  He may have varying inventions, that show him around corners outside he can’t see, and various mechanisms that warn him of approaching things, or things that move across his property – maybe even a fully rigged outdoor camera set-up – but nothing replaces actually being able to step outside the house.  We can step outside our house – with our expanded senses – or intuition.  Researchers are here now: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/07/humans-have-a-lot-more-than-five-senses/

Ingo Swann counts at least seventeen, ancient vedic texts about 150 – and includes ones that we have and either use without being aware of – without Consciousness – or don’t use at all.


I think there are other forms of life we can’t conceive of – I don’t think that is anything new or radical now to think… but I also believe that there are streams of Consciousness we can tap into… varying vibrations that are alive, in energy form, and stream constantly around us.  I believe the varying Gods are representations of the beneficial streams of Consciousness we can all tap into, and eventually also become a part of (i.e. Christ Consciousness) if we choose.

Lord Ganesha was brought into my life through a gift – I always liked elephants – but they were just elephants – beautiful beings, but I had no special tie.  Then one day, my business partner at the time, brought me a beautiful leather elephant about 12″ high, and a picture of  Ganesha – as a gift for the success of our business.  Our business was successful – our partnership wasn’t 🙂 but different story.  I guess we forgot to ask Ganesha for success of our partnership as well ;).  For some reason, I felt extremely comfortable and joyful each time I looked at the picture, and grew even more fond of elephants… so I started to research Ganesha.


He connected with me, I resonated with him.  I felt compassion for his elephant head, the varying stories of how he lost his own head and how his father Shiva found him the head of an elephant. I found a strong relation in that story to my own story (we all have “a story” lol) – and the dynamics of being something weird, strange, unexpected and at the same time lively and full of life.  Ganesha brought acceptance into my life of self – and he also brought dance, joy and fun back – I wasn’t aware how much I was missing out on that. I was always working on something or the other, going and going, but somehow just turning wheels.


Ganesha showed me how to accept my inner child, who similarly, had endured a fair bit in early childhood.  Although I had grown up in a family that had everything, and offered me quite a bit – there are other darker corners which all families have. But Ganesha helped me to integrate my bits and pieces, and to not let myself be defined by them, although they belonged to me.

He showed me the importance of acceptance of your own creations and children (can be projects – any creation you have) through the love of his parents Parvati and Shiva for him, although he was definitely not what they had expected – he had taken on a life of his own and developed beyond the restrictions of their hopes and dreams.  He showed me the acceptance of self through his undeterred joy of dance and fun and his joy of life.  He showed me it was quite alright to be a blend of opposites – or not even of opposites – a quirky blend of randomness, that created a wonderful, unique being that had a lot to give, just by simply BEING, existing, breathing. He showed me above all that sometimes people that love you do things to you that have no rhyme or reason, but nevertheless, they still love you – and one doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other (really Shiva, an elephant head??? :)) which helped me tremendously in my process of forgiving.  I realize that the elephant symbolizes wisdom, and Ganesha shows great wisdom in his compassion, love, joy, freedom of self, to let his roly-poly big belly hang out, his acceptance that desire and fear are closely linked (rat) and both need to be managed to maintain plenty (heavy stature) and have lightness of being (dancing).


You will know when he shows up, he is quite flamboyant, and is practiced at showing himself – you will see him in meditation standing in front of you as he flaunts his elephant head. His weakness, that which almost took his life (losing his head), became his strength.  And although others define him by his elephant head, it seems to hold no meaning to him…it is the observer who puts the meaning on his elephant head and creates something defining and definitive around it.


He struck a chord with me.  And he still does – he has removed obstacles for me – and I’ve had mystical experiences that are beyond the explainable or definable where it is clear to me he has played a role.  I encourage everyone to at least try the mantra posted below and allow themselves to meet this stream of Consciousness we call Ganesha… Just by linking with you, he will bring you courage – one of his not so pointed out attributes, courage to see the elephant headed parts of yourself, to connect with those, acknowledge them, and flaunt them…dancing with your belly showing. ♥


Namaste, Much love ♥


Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha:  http://youtu.be/QhG-xQ9Z4kU

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