Be Love, my friend, Love.

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~♥~ “The problem with you is that you do not trust the power of love. You do not trust the power of God. You do not trust the love God has for you and that it will carry you to higher places. Up until now, you have been taught to visualize a goal, to pour love and faith into it to reach that goal. That still applies. To some. But once you have mastered that and continue on your path what will the next lesson be? To be a true Master the next step you will be taught is to have no goal. To release having a goal and wanting to control an outcome. None of your manifestations will be what you envisioned them to be on this next step, if they manifest at all. It will be frustrating. However, you will be taught trust and faith. You will have to trust in the divine to bring you the best possible outcome for you and all. You see, love is like water. As dense water will always find the lowest point and pool and collect and rise from there, love always flows to the HIGHEST point and pools and collects and rises from there. So you can trust the flow of love to bring you and all the best possible outcome – but first you must learn to trust and let go of having a set outcome. Love is a conscious and aware energy… make no mistake. The love that is you will bring you to more love, pool and collect and bring you what and where you need to be, on the level that you are able to harmonize with, accept and receive.”

~ Emmanuel (guide)

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