Spiritual Attachments

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Spiritual Attachments


I feel guided to speak of spiritual attachments today… actually yesterday already, but something didn’t want me to put this out there! I had some real issues yesterday with fb getting this up.  So here it is again, because my Will rules, lol. 🙂


Spiritual Attachments are very real.  I conduct Distance Spiritual Clearings and Cleansings as well as in person, because time and space is not a limitation for Spirit.  It works just as well, and I’ve done it numerous times.


However, not everything is an attachment. It’s an iffy topic for me because I don’t want to advocate it and give it more power than it really deserves, or give a basis for it being able to be used as an excuse.  You also won’t find me billing in ever increasing installments to get rid of one.   But they are real.  The only attachments you should have are angels and spirit guides.  Everything else is unhealthy in the long run and needs to go… even if it’s Uncle Bob.  Especially if it’s Uncle Bob.

This topic would fill a library – so I can’t hope to cover it in it’s entirety here.  This is just the bare bones version – but I’m thinking of setting up a webinar this weekend explaining everything below in much more detail and advice on how to deal with this with examples, as well as the sister topic of Psychic Attacks and Negative Thoughtform Attachments.  Please message me if you are interested!




  1. Earth bound spirits, ghosts, lost souls

  2. Thought forms (everyone has these, or “complexes”)

  3. Negative energy and psychic attack

  4. Curses, cords, vows and contracts

  5. Past life attachments and ancestral patterns

  6. Inner child fragments and soul retrieval

  7. “Satanic” influences, dark force, demons and the collective unconscious

  8. Programmes, mind control programmes and Implants (Group Mentality Clouds)

  9. Entities and Clusters, Astral “Wildlife”

  10. ET’s & More Implants

  11. Elementals

  12. Earth Energies (energies that just affect us the wrong way… kind of like “Static Cling”)

The list is endless – simply because we don’t know everything that is out there. Not everything is within our realm of understanding and therefore detection.



Attachments usually – not always – but usually attach to chakras.  However, they can attach anywhere in the human experience – to memories, to the energy of relationships, emotional states (anger, rage, depression, anxiety), things, animals and pets, places, energy of events, crystals… literally anything can be attached to by a spirit.


Houses of course!  We know that – and again – “establishments” are getting savvy to this, as this article in the official Realtor® Mag of the National Association of Realtors shows: http://bit.ly/s72uOj


Attachments here can be really detrimental, and hinder sales, or lower the sales price significantly due to low vibrations.  If a home has attachments, it is energy draining to live in and will not attract people… most people will not be able to – or want to – call such a low energy state “home”. In excessive cases it can even lead to illnesses, relationship breakups, job stresses, family problems, childrens issues, etc. Again, this should not be used as an excuse for other causes… but if all those can be ruled out, attachments can be looked into (usually it’s a combined thing – other root causes, which create/support an environment for attachments to thrive, which then exacerbate the negative energies).



Everything is energy… energy in various states of vibration.  Whatever the spirit harmonizes with vibrationally, is what it attaches to and can feel comfortable with. Symptoms of attachments include:  sudden shifts towards the negative in life, migraines, apathy, lethargy, tiredness, moodiness, anger management issues, deep anxiety, fear and pressure, thoughts that “aren’t yours”, suicidal tendencies, aches and pains, chronic illness, financial strain and drain, loss of relationships, catastrophes and accidents, breakdowns, being followed by shadows, feelings of being watched, bad decision-making, substance abuse, furthers addictions, etc. a good way to see how it all works is reading up on parasites, believe it or not.  That’s what they are – and as above, so below, it functions on similar principles.



Everything wants to live and thrive – but some things have to realize that the way they are living and thriving is detrimental to the “hosts”.



Usually, if you are healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit, you won’t have much to worry about.  But Hospitals, Hospices, Mental Health Institutions, etc.  are not without reason breeding grounds for illnesses – not only because of the low energy of the patients, high emotional energy of all involved, the energy of death being a swing door constantly opening and closing, but also because there are tons of wanderers attracted to that kind of stressed, tense, low vibe energy.

If your energy is low, you are more vulnerable to attachments, just as if your immune system is down, you are more vulnerable to sickness.  If you work in paranormal/spiritual fields, make sure your energy is as high as possible to protect yourself – actually– it is imperative.  Consider it workplace safety rule number one. No arguments with others prior, don’t be sick, etc. – nothing that lowers your energy.  Take care of yourself first, then you can take care of others.


Lines of sympathy… if you feel sympathetic towards the plight of someone…feel connected to a place, etc.  Sympathy lowers resistance, weakens shields, forms bridges and connections.  Which is usually a good thing…but that’s the other side of it. So if you are for example, investigating a mental health hospital, try not to feel too sympathetic, or pity or feel too bad about the inmates or what happened to them… keep your emotions balanced, don’t walk around cluck-clucking or clutching your heart “feeling the pain”. Tears – paradoxically are a good, cleansing thing though – so if you choose to allow strong emotions to flood you, make sure they move you to tears. Salt water is a natural protector, smear it all over your face – and I kid you not. Thank me later.


Protection and Removal?

There are so many ways depending on what you’re facing…  the basics of course are Shield, Cleanse, Ground.  So before you go into an investigation for example, make sure to call in higher energies to help you with your natural shielding.  The shields can be a bit porous though to allow for communication.  Cleanse once you are finished, using your usual cleansing ritual, don’t forget to thank the higher energies for assisting you.  Then ground – you can of course ground prior, but really good grounding can take you out of your intuitive space, so it’s ok to do a grounding after, while you’re closing down.



If you’re a paranormal investigator, or doing a house clearing before moving in, and energy worker, etc:

  1. No jewelry or money while working – because they carry your energy, and are easily attached to, presto, you’ve carried something home. Exception to this is a Talisman, which you should be wearing, as a physical reminder of your own power and protection.
  2. Be healthy – don’t go in sick or low energy
  3. Pregnancy – your first priority and spiritual assignment is to protect your child and be a mother, your secondary, Buffy the vampire slayer. Be smart, don’t go in where angels fear to tread and have something attach to your unborn for a 10-minute kick. You – this goes for everyone – carry responsibility for your physical and spiritual health and the health of those who you live with as well, so decide well.
  4. Don’t obsess over getting the name and where it came from… some will trickster and talk and talk and yack away saying nothing to you – but getting information from you about you.  Since the entity is probably talking with you on a psychic level, we’re talking about harmonizing vibrations to allow for communication.  Harmonizing vibrations with a negative entity is not something you want to do…it gives them power over you and they can simply switch hosts… to you, or someone you are attached to and love. Get in, get rid of it, get out. Make it quick and simple.  No, it’s not always glam, but it is what it is. DO NOT CHANNEL THE ENTITY. I shake my head when I see mediums do this – again – it is unnecessary, and mostly drama.
  5. Watch your own ego and pride. 🙂 BIG traps. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, so don’t do things that endanger you or others. Realize not everything needs to be removed. Realize you won’t be the right person for everything. Realize you won’t be able to clear some things…and it’s all good. Realize that some beings are in their God-given space.
  6. Do. Not. Touch. Anything. – you really don’t need to.
  7. Do. Not. Take. Anything. Home with you as a souvenir, if you are being compensated for your efforts, try not to take cash – or clear it before you take it home with you.
  8. Be careful with EVP’s…and don’t repeat the name of the entity, or repeat the story over and over and over… where attention goes energy flows, and it renews and energizes a connection between you.
  9. Absolutely imperative is mental strength and faith – know your world and the parameters of your world, have a solid connection to Source… they can infiltrate your thought and emotional processes and slowly but surely twist, contort and eventually completely change and rearrange everything. You have to maintain your personal vibrational state, and not allow it to be changed to what will host the attachment.

Removal.  😀  Now the fun begins.   When you really begin to work… you realize quickly that all the white light stuff only gets you so far.  I compare that to deep sea diving, or coral reef snorkelling…the deeper you dive, and the sunlight no longer penetrates, you soon realize YOU have to be the Light, or be the Lightbearer. If you haven’t done your spiritual development, you can quickly find yourself lost at sea, calling to angel dolphins and whales to come save you – because you realize your spiritual development IS your Light…

There are so many different beings and things that have no name that sometimes you will never know what you were even dealing with. I can’t stress enough that a super solid connection with your truth, with God/Source, with your parameters of life are very important, otherwise some of these beings will simply walk in, take over and shake things up a little – and yes, I speak from experience.


There are so many different things to know and be aware of…trusting your guides is a biggie – they will be the right ones for this work, who will have selected you to work with – and will guide you through what you have to do and teach you, but you will have to trust without question and follow their nudges, oftentimes instantly and completely. As much as people don’t like to hear this – not everyone is meant for this… just as not everyone is meant to work with angels… know your line of work.  Spiritual work is very much tied to who you really are, who you were created to be – everyone has a spiritual calling.  Absolutely everyone! Just not everyone gets the same call. Pick up your call, and don’t try to answer someone elses… ♥


Keep in mind that sometimes logic doesn’t work… and what you might think would clear a space can actually just make it worse…

  • Talking to it and negotiation doesn’t always work – for that there has to be a mutual basis and similar viewpoints and some things/beings just don’t see the world the same way you do … might isn’t necessarily right and getting into energetic imbalances and arguments just feeds it.

  • Saging doesn’t always help, it fogs them up a bit, and can aggravate some… strong ones usually return after a saging.

  • Blasting it with white light or Reiki energy can sometimes just feed it high-quality energy – they “digest” and come back energized.

  • Coming from a place of Higher Consciousness doesn’t always help… otherwise we wouldn’t be needed, spirit workers would be fine on their own.

  • You can raise your energy and exude white light and love to transform the energies around you… sometimes it doesn’t work, can be very draining, and your foundation of love and spiritual growth has to be well-developed (for your souls standards, no one can judge you on how “developed” you are – you will feel it yourself) for it to be effective… this only really works if the entities can perceive that high a vibration…otherwise it can be like blowing a dog whistle trying to call your child.

  • Same goes for sending it “into the Light” – that only works if they can perceive it, otherwise they won’t know where to go, or what you are referring to.  Keep in mind that if they could vibrationally perceive the Light, they would see it without you as well…and that some simply don’t want to go into it yet for various reasons…and some just aren’t ready to go. Those will react the same way you would if someone came and tried to throw you out of a place you weren’t ready to leave…you should have good reasons for them to have to go. Very good ones.  You thinking it’s a good idea and that that’s the way it has to be isn’t good enough…that is ego trap.


I try not to waste energy or feed drama for hours trying to coax an unwilling to go somewhere it has no idea of…Dark crystals can help here…something they can vibrate with (“see”) or if you are old-fashioned and non-squeamish, small animals (which were then traditionally drowned). I am not old-fashioned and I am squeamish, extremely so.  The small animal folk magic method probably came from the stories of Christ driving demons in to pigs…but really almost anything can be used to trap negatives that won’t leave…anything they can see and vibrate with and which can be carefully done away with after (genie in the bottle stories)… Bleach, Florida Water and so on lit on fire…can help for usual levels of problems, here again, strong intentions set the foundation.

Sound from singing bowls can change vibrations effectively as well.


As stated a biggie is ego… not everything needs to be removed – some things are ok as is. Listening to your guides on this and just acknowledging when something is beyond your ability or inclination, is better than risking yourself.


Other tips: Unplug cords, not cut – you want to remove the stumps, so they don’t grow back.

After a clearing, go back and Bless!!!!!!! Fill it up with the energy you want, don’t leave a vacuum.  If it is a residence or workplace, make sure the people there understand the importance of keeping the energy high for as long as they can, but for at least three days after. Be on best behaviour, funny movies, laughter, lots of natural light, cleanliness, energy up, up, up!!


♥ Be a light in the darkness, but be safe! ♥


If you don’t know what to do and need help, let me know.


Don’t forget to message me to let me know if you are interested in a complete Webinar on Spiritual Attachments this weekend!!



Much love,


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