Spirit Adventure – Hohlenstein-Stadel

Join me on a walk to Hohlenstein-Stadel/Bärenhöhle in southern Germany! My cell phone was feeling the energy 😀
The Hohlenstein Cave is one of the  most important sites for findings relating to the upper Palaeolithic period. Here, a thigh bone of a Neanderthal was found, but also skeletons of the modern human, Homo Sapiens. An incredibly worked staue was found, the famed Lion-Man, a detailed copy of which can be seen in the Ulm Museum. The Lion-Man is approx. 32,000 years old and was probably created for shamanic purposes. The original is kept safe. Musical instruments, such as a flute, were found here as well… but also many bear bones, as bears used these caves too.  Now, the only dwellers are bats, and the caves are gated off to ensure the safety of the bats, and also of visitors, because of the rubble, depth of the cave…and to protect the site for future excavations. Worth a visit! Only a short drive away, is a live museum of life in pre-historic times, around the Vogelherdhöhle (a cave Neanderthals, and later Homo Sapiens dwelled in).  More info on all at the links below!
Thanks for joining me!

A picture I took inside the small first cave. What do you see? Tell me in the comments!


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