The Power of Truth in your Body

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Speaking the Truth

One of the ways we lose the most energy in life is when we do not speak our truth. A loss of life energy leads to many difficulties, loss of personal charm and charisma or magnetism, loss of positivity and recognition of opportunity, loss of chi, and can lead to blockages which can eventually manifest as dis-ease. Feelings such as being stressed at work, not speaking up, allowing others to overstep personal boundaries and doing things one doesn’t want to, which then leads to suppressed anger and stomach ulcers – but in the beginning was the lie to the Self.

There are many reasons why it is difficult for us to speak our truth, because we do not want to hurt someone, because we are dealing with fragile egos, because we fear repercussion, or, or, or. The truth is always a clear, pure energy. The problem for us, when our truth is not spoken, is that our subconscious then goes into overdrive to maintain the lie. I can’t detail here all that occurs when we dont speak our truth, but a lot more energy is expended to maintain a lie than the truth. The subconscious builds an “energy wall” around the lie, in order not to inadvertently reveal truth through body language signals, or through our natural, subtle telepathic connection. The subconscious must control itself in order not to reveal anything, and this of course, takes energy. You can feel the release of energy when truth is revealed and you feel lighter as tension leaves your body.

What you can do right now: Think about those parts of your life where you choose not to reveal a truth. This is where energy is trapped for you.

We often believe that we can’t trust others with the truth, or that we don’t want to hurt their feelings. The truth is, that we often don’t want to face their wrath. So, we are already lying to ourselves with that. We also drain energy from others by not allowing them to be in an energy of truth, so it is really a disservice to both parties. Some may understand this, some may not.

We often also don’t speak the truth, because we have tremendous difficulty saying: NO. Being able to say No is just as important as an open-hearted Yes. One untruth often leads to another, and so a chain develops, all which need to be maintained, which takes a tremendous amount of energy.
This is easily demonstrated through muscle testing, of which I am a huge fan, because your subconscious via your body always reveals the truth.

I surprise people all the time, demonstrating on their own bodies how much energy they lose by simply saying that their name is different than what it is. Something as simple as that makes them too weak to keep their arm raised, imagine the energy drain of more complex untruths.

Often we don’t recognize when we are being untruthful to ourselves, due to habits of denial. We say we are fine, when we are not. We say we’re not angry, when we are seething. We say we are “over it” when we’ve just pushed it aside. The first step is really feeling and identifying the feelings we have in any situation. We don’t have to react on these feelings, we can simply truthfully recognize them for ourselves, and accept that that is what we are feeling. This helps keeps our energy clear, and we can then move on to make a decision on how we will respond to the situation.


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