Smudging Your Space!

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Smudging is an ancient method of cleansing, which has been observed on all continents throughout time! From the perfumed incense of eastern Asia, through ancient Temples the world over, to the more familiar scent of sage of North American Natives, smudges have regularly been used throughout the millenia.

Nowadays, though, we also smudge with a wide variety of medicinal herbs. Thankfully we have such easy access! We have Lavender to calm, Rose to purify and for love, Sage, Lemongrass, Sweetgrass, Mugwort, Lemon Balm – the list is endless! Frankincense, Myrrh and Cedar are also commonly known smudges – also heavily used in churches or temples. Researchers have found that smudging can lower the airborne bacteria count, even observable up to 30 days after smudging, and it has been observed that Frankincense can activate poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression! In Africa it is also an insect deterrent, in India ceremonies called yagnas are performed combining chants with smudging which produces an incredible shift of the atmosphere and energy.

Is your living or work space feeling stagnant? Maybe it’s time for a smudge! Move your furniture around, get a water fountain, clean in the corners, get the energy flowing in your space again – but also smudge and clear out the astral parasites! You can combine the smudge with a prayer, or a stating of intention. You can call in your guides or helping spirits as well to assist.

It is also believed that the smoke carries prayers to heaven.

Smudges you can use:

  • Frankincense: purifies and removes negative astral entities and spirits, cleanses and protects the soul, meditation

  • Rose: brings in blessings, aphrodisiac, enhancing beauty

  • Sweetgrass: brings in blessings, wonderful for mothers and pregnancies

  • Sage: Classic – clears entities, purifies the air, shields, protects, cleanses and washes energetically

  • Myrrh: used in ancient egyptian embalming. clears the path to truth, opens up to higher realms, connects to the Mother

  • Cedar: Protection. Used to cleanse a space of unwanted spirits. Also a prayer smudge. Wards off sickness.

  • Lavender: Invites spirits in, inviting smudge, relaxation, calming

  • Copal: Cleansing, pleasing to the Gods

  • Palo Santo: Cleansing and Blessing

  • Hibiscus: For divination and to enhance psychic abilities.

  • Yerba Santa Leaves: Divination and Meditation

  • Juniper: stimulative, temple smudge, revives a tired body, mind, spirit

  • Pinon: Revives a tired soul, cleansing, warming

  • Tobacco: Ancestors, protection, calls in ancestral spirits

  • Mugwort: Heavy-duty, when you need something stronger than sage, dreams, divination, protection in dreams

How to smudge someone:
Begin with a blessing, while looking into their eyes, and a statement of intention. Smudge first towards their heart, then up to their right (your left) side of their head. Wash sunwise (clockwise) down their left (your right) side, the up their left, praying and calling blessings down for them. Have them turn. Again clockwise down their left side, and up their right.

Smudging in the seven directions:
Begin in the east or south, as per your tradition, And move through the four directions, calling in each. Look up, calling in Father Sky, look down, calling in Mother Earth, holding hands over heart, look within calling in the energy of the heart.

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  1. Chavonne Love

    Perfect timing! Thank you

  2. Monique J35

    ❤️ I’ve been wanting to smudge my salon! I just didn’t know how. Thanks so much for this❤️

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