The Messengers

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It’s a pretty windy day today, and I was outside, looking up at the cawing and gackling of a murder of crows (yes, that’s the term), watching them have a blast surfing and riding the currents… The messengers swooping up and rollercoasting down, riding the breezes and crosscurrents, allowing themselves to be lifted and carried, cawing to each other in what i felt, was pure joy. One flew directly in front of me. Like ideas in the mind, some swooping up, others down, one having its moment at the top, the others on the rise, the others on the way down, to swing back up from behind.
Not one crow chose the security and stability of perching in a building or tree.

In all the years learning and growing in the spiritual field, I’ve noticed many different paths and ways leading to Nirvana. A myriad of ways, a murder of ways, not only one.

Some, like children drilled in school to have flink minds that immediately receive recognition for the fastest, swiftest most efficient answer, they’re the first to pop up with an immediate answer or finite solution. Their mind serves them with information that has been mulled over by their subconscious, which they have planted there from other sources, and now, finally, is the time they can put it out to, hopefully, good use. Like a train on a railroad track, their minds go in one direction.

Which is fine. Although the process of healing, experiencing, centering, finding, is here moot…the mind is direct. The only thing of value is the result, the goal, the achievement, the insight, the idea of solution…yet another concept, yet another vehicle for consciousness to travel through this dimension, which they swing themselves into, learning to master the controls like the controls of a new car, test driving it to satisfaction. Or, yet another bridge to assist in traversing the abyss. The process, of achieving this vehicle, which will bring to a goal, is not valuable, the many steps in between, the many little stops on the way are insignificant.
It is said, the way is the goal, but more often I observe with these, the goal is the goal. Only the achievement is noted, not the path there. Some seem to search for some kind of mystical achievement, using definitions of enlightenment not native to the own soul. We have become superb copycats in the attempt to perfect ouselves and enlighten ourselves… but ok. Let’s say we are, we’ve made it. Then what?

When I turn around, and observe another way I often see, I think, we’ve come a long way, but still we find ourselves attached to dogma. Some in this form of dogma, some in another. A flash vision: Boats of people flying through the multiverse. Each boat represents an idea or a concept. It is so much easier to jump in a boat and listen to others, then try and copy the secret recipe. It brings safety and stability in an often unstable enough world.
If I do exactly this this and then this, then “I” will be rewarded. All my sorrows will be lifted – the eternal promise of all Boats destination Heaven. “Theirs” is the path that will take me to Nirvana. And if it doesnt work, we’ll ignore it and pretend we never followed that.
A friend of mine said: ” It’s consistency. If someone gets up every day and says, 2+2=5, of course in the beginning, people will say wrong, thats not what we learned. A few will test the new theory. But over time, if that person gets up every day and says that message, sooner or later, there will be people that start to say 2+2=5.”

Which brings me to Authenticity and the current authenticity flow…which i also find myself tumbling… or swooping down in . I admit, I love it. I love that teachers are no longer being held to dress in white and float 5 metres above the ground, emotionless, disconnected beings, Deification 2.0. rooted in the great hippie movement of the 60s. No, we have a different era, a different current to swoop down now.

Authenticity is an interesting word. According to, it derives from “autos” self, “hentes” doer. Only the mind that is free is authentic. Only the mind that is free can do for itself. In that act of looking externally there is imitation, according to Krishnamurti. Imitation in my experience, always leads to limitation and eventual disillusionment. Thats when the Guru is escorted off the pedestal.

Krishnamurti muses: “Is it at all possible to live in this world non-violently, in freedom, virtuously? Freedom is absolutely necessary; but not freedom for the individual to do what he likes to do, because the individual is conditioned – whether he is living in this country or in India or anywhere else – he is conditioned by his society, by his culture, by the whole structure of his thought. Is it at all possible to be free from this conditioning, not ideologically, not as an idea, but actually psychologically, inwardly, free? – otherwise I do not see how there can be any democracy or any righteous behaviour. Again, the expression “righteous behaviour” is rather looked down upon, but I hope we can use these words to convey what is meant without any derogatory sense.

Freedom is not an idea; a philosophy written about freedom is not freedom. Either one is free or one is not. One is in a prison, however decorative that prison is; a prisoner is free only when he is no longer in prison. Freedom is not a state of the mind that is caught in thought. Thought can never be free. Thought is the response of memory, knowledge and experience; it is always the product of the past and it cannot possibly bring about freedom because freedom is something that is in the living active present, in daily life. Freedom is not freedom from something – freedom from something is merely a reaction.”
You are the World, 1968

Then …there is another way I’ve found in my personal healing path. These are the rare ones… the ones that smile when they smile, frown when they frown, that say no when they mean no, and yes when they mean yes, that have >that< sparkle in their eye, and the earth under their nails. That have strong moral codes in regards to their connection to Life, but deep understanding for .. processes, emotional processes. That have patience backed by faith and can honor the path without succumbing to fear and doubt, without needing structured rails, adapting ceremonies as felt and needed, that dance at the edge of the abyss, sometimes falling…then crawling back out, then dancing again. That allow themselves to be swooped down by the currents of life, then surf back up to the peak, to be seen in the eye of the sun for a moment, only to swoop back down, feathers reflecting on the way.

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