The Messengers

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It’s a pretty windy day today, and I was outside, looking up at the cawing and gackling of a murder of crows (yes, that’s the term), watching them have a blast surfing and riding the currents… The messengers swooping up … Read More

Fill Up Your Life!

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Sometimes we really feel those voids in our life… those empty spaces which we feel should be filled with energies or things we don’t have. Maybe we feel we are missing love, or appreciation, maybe it is acceptance, hope, harmony, … Read More

Smudging Your Space!

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Smudging is an ancient method of cleansing, which has been observed on all continents throughout time! From the perfumed incense of eastern Asia, through ancient Temples the world over, to the more familiar scent of sage of North American Natives, smudges … Read More

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