•: Work with Me in Person! :•

Join me for one or two weeks in beautiful San Miguel de Allende! 

San Miguel de Allende is rated a UNESCO world heritage site, is located in the heart of Mexico – El Corazon de Mexico – and is said to be one of the best places to live in the world! 

A beautiful, romantic town, 1,900m or 6,200ft above sea level, it is the perfect location for a breathtaking experience of life – a blend of cultural delights, excursions into nature, deep healing work, and a place to enjoy being alone, without being isolated. 

My invitation to you, is to stay with me here in San Miguel de Allende, either for a one week intensive, or for a two week immersion.  You will leave with definitive tools and a deeper understanding of yourself and your capabilities. 

Everything can be healed, but what that healing looks like is up to your inner Self, which is far less limited than your idea of yourself…

In dreaming we travel to a place where all is forgiven.

— Helene Cardona

Karleen is not only a true healer but a gem of a human being as well. Her kindness and warmth helped me to feel an instantly comfortable rapport with her. I had the pleasure of doing some intuitive work with her as well as some bodywork, touching on both the physical and the spiritual. She took a few moments to ground into the space, and then she worked her magic. From the moment she spoke, her words resonated with me, as if she had known me as closely as a long-time friend. You can imagine my surprise when she not only had intuited my life situation with stunning accuracy, but I wasn't prepared for her to mention two important people in my life BY NAME. Both the intuitive session and the bodywork sessions were highly transformative for me, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to have some greater insight into their life to spend some time with Karleen. Karleen is definitely one of a kind, and I am so glad that I was able to see her in person (twice!) before heading off to my next adventure. Give yourself the gift of booking a session (or two or three!) with Karleen. You will be so happy that you did.

- Letty, U.S.A.

•: What You Can Expect: :•

Our work will be individually tailored to your needs.  My time with you will be exclusive.  Together we will craft a journey which will include daily, or every-other day sessions with me, bodywork, energy healing, day trips to various places in the area (or big trips, depending on your wishes, time of year and availability – such as a trip to see Monarch Butterflies, or a long weekend at the beach).

The cost of your journey will include: 

– healing sessions and excursions with me

– bodywork sessions with trusted practitioners

– local daytrips (anything outside of the San Miguel area will be extra)

Please check for an itinerary catered to your needs. 

Together we will explore this town and learn of its secrets and gently begin the repatterning of your own. 

The cost of this journey does NOT include: 

– travel, liability or medical insurance for you

– travel costs, incl. lodging, on the ground transportation, shuttles, taxis, etc.

– meals, souvenirs, day trips or long weekend trips outside of San Miguel de Allende

Give it air and let the scar on your soul reveal itself, because, like the body, it too was made to heal itself.


•: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs :•

Please email me your questions to be included here. 

Can anyone sign up? 

What will I need? 

Is there a payment plan? 

Do I have to worry about Covid-19? 

Will I get to meet Bear, your dog?

No.  To protect us both, we will have to do a preliminary conversation, where we discuss desires and expectations, realities and also discuss health and medical background. 

You will need a sense of adventure, openness and a desire to find that within you which is: you.  An unwillingness to live further under the terror of fear and a willingness to work with the Teacher: Fear. 

Yes, please email me for details. 

This is a joint resonsibility with you, which I am sure is understandable.  Myself and associates will work in the degree you and we are comfortable and in compliance with local requirements. Please be comfortable with the possibility of shifting requirements. 

Yes!  🐾 And bring treats, he will love you forever! 

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Come See What Everyone is so Excited About!

•: “How will working with you benefit me?”  :•

For the duration of your stay, you are the only person I will be working with.  You have my entire attention, my focused awareness of your presence to help you find the best solutions for your life and situation.  Do you need inspiration?  Do you need hope? Do you need support? Let me help you help you.  

•: What is the cost of this Journey? :• 

The Base cost, for this private retreat, which includes: sessions with me, bodywork, energy work, local day trips  – however, excludes: lodging, transportation, meals, souvenirs, insurances and additional excursions outside of San Miguel to beach towns, monarch butterflies etc.  

ALSO: You actually have the choice of being either in the semi-dry steppe environment of San Miguel de Allende, or the cooler, hilly, forest and lake space of Patzcuaro, Michoacan. We can discuss which area is better for you. 

7 days: $1275 USD

14 days: $2375 USD

Lake Patzcuaro, town Patzcuaro, Michoacan