Finding a “Good” Reader

So many of my clients lately have told me how hard it is for them to find a good reader (and I’ll do a little plug for me – lol!!!) and how happy they were with me. It’s mutual – … Read More

Surviving the Ordeals of Spirit

“Spiritual awakening is the easy part, learning to hold spirit is another challenge altogether.  Shamans around the world talk about the difference between receiving spirit and surviving the ordeals as it settles down within you. …Life wasn’t always easy and … Read More

May 20, 2013

Write:   Contrary to a now popular belief, hell is not some fictional place which serves as a symbol for something else… it is a very real plane of existence.  Although not quite what you would consider it as …its … Read More

Spiritual Attachments

Was on my Facebook as a post:   Spiritual Attachments   I feel guided to speak of spiritual attachments today… actually yesterday already, but something didn’t want me to put this out there! I had some real issues yesterday with … Read More

Lord Ganesha

I promised to write a bit regarding my connection to Lord Ganesha…so here it is.   Maybe it will be of some help if I first draw a brief minimal sketch of my worldview… I believe that everything exists we … Read More


  Gedanken zum Schamanismus Ich möchte hier keine Absolute aufstellen, sondern spreche aus der Seele und nur aus meinen eigenen Erfahrungen. Ein echter Shamane bewandert beide Seiten. Hier etwas aus der Schattenseite. Warum? Ich wachte heute morgen auf, mit vielen … Read More

Card Draw – Les Vampires Oracle

Hi everyone!! I just love this oracle Les Vampires by Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith and will do a review sometime. Stunning artwork and the energy of the deck is just…. 🙂 Please think of a situation or a question … Read More

WalknTalk – Fortress Hohenurach

    Join me on my ramble as I lead you through the ruins of the Fortress Hohenurach in the Swabian Alb of southern Germany. One of the more important ruins of the area. In 1025 the construction of the … Read More

Energy Report – September 2016

  September brings a lot this year! Starting with the solar eclipse / new moon September 1, The lunar eclipse Sept. 16 and much much more happening this month, Jupiter chnaged signs, mercury went retrograde – it’s a lot! So … Read More

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