Meet Jenithaa….  a woman who is attempting to assist her community by providing support for childre, teens, young women and women in need of reusable sanitary pads in Malaysia.  Watch our interview above.

49 years old, and single mother of three children, 26,16,10. Jenithaa has about 15 years of experience and accomplishments in marginalised population social development and skills in Malaysia and internationally. Starting her career as Executive Director of PT Foundation, a community based NGO, she has managed several marginalised population departments within the Malaysian Aids Council; and moved up to position herself as the Country Manager for an external funded project by the HIV AIDS Alliance International which covers 5 countries, known as the Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR).

Jenithaa has collaborated with all types of organisations – civil society organisations, local, and international governments, bilateral and multi-lateral donor organisations, national and international NGOs, academic institutes and corporate organisations , religious bodies and foundations. Her work has been based in Malaysia and through her work she has contributed in Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine, India , Philippines, Korea and Lebanon.

Five years ago she had a stroke which left her paralysed on the right side, she lost her job and her ability to move. But after perseverance and determination and overcoming chronic depression she is up and about now. Although she can’t use her right hand and foot fully, she is back doing her community work. She is now a motivational speaker in Malaysia. She give talks to single mothers, those with health conditions and more.

Her passion is working with marginalised community and refugees. At the moment she actively works with Myanmar refugee children, Malaysian indigenous children, women from poverty stricken areas, spinal muscular atrophy kids and transgender groups. She arranges fine art Batik painting classes, language classes, cooking classes, and other vocational activities for children and adults from these communities, in the hope that they would be able to fend for themselves financially and to give them some rest and recreation activities to their otherwise mundane lives. She plans to expand her wings to reach out to the stateless children, drug users and their children, sex workers and their children.




Jenithaa requires donations for funding of vocational classes, such as woodwork, cooking, and professional training like resume writing, for both genders. Her biggest focus is menstrual health and cleanliness for young girls is looking for sponsors and assistance for reusabe sanitary pads. 
Sanitary pads for one person for one month are approx. 50 USD.  The sanitary pads are reusable and can last several years.
I am collecting donations on behalf of Jenithaa. Receipts are obtainable, if required, and also updates if desired. Thank you for participating and making a donation to assist in elevating the life of another.

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These bags and baskets are handmade and woven by peoples in forest-dependant communities and intended to support and assist in community conservation and resource management and to help build resilient indigenous peoples and local communities through community-led sustainable economic initiatives to alleviate poverty and conserve culture and forests.
This is operated form a locally regeistered organisation operating in six countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.
The support of indigenous peoples on our planet is  important for ALL of us, no matter where they may be.  I, Karleen, personally believe they are an important link to the benevolent forces of this planet, and must be supported in maintaining their cultures, lifestyles, beliefs which hold important lessons, truths and teachings for us all. ♥