My intuition expresses itself predominantly through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. That means, I see with my higher sense of vision, I hear with my higher sense of hearing, I feel, and I just know without knowing how I know.

I’ve always been intuitive, but that it could be used to help others wasn’t clear right from the beginning to me. It took me awhile to consciously begin to develop my craft.

I use my insights and connection to my spirit guides to assist you…or better said…assist your Higher Self in attaining full manifestation and expression of your higher qualities and gifts into this plane of being.

Many of us live half-lives, not truly connected to who we truly are, or to life, we just get by or exist to just survive.  Disconnected, we exist in a state of confusion, stumbling form one life event to the next. Times are changing now and with that people are coming more and more into their true state of being, but still there are many who are fighting to do so. I see myself as a spiritual emergency service or a soul midwife.  My roles are varied and many and so are the tools I use to effect positive change in my sitter. Actually…to assist them in effecting positive change in themselves.

In addition to my natural intuition, I have done many workshops and studied with or learned from healers and wise people around the globe, from Mediumship in Vancouver, Canada, medicine people in the United States, Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan, Healers in Germany…the learning never stops for me, as it is also a pathway for my own healing and full manifestation in to this plane. My experience as well has been quite a good teacher.  Whom Spirit calls, Spirit teaches, so it doesn’t really matter who you learned from … it’s the intent to learn and be open, flexible and teachable that matters. Spirit always finds a way.

I work with all four elements in healing, with fire, wind, water and earth. Each element has its obvious unique aspects and is worked with in various ways. In addition, I am a medium, a channel, an energetic healer and I work in shamanistic ways. Depending on what my sitter needs, I can work in the past, present or future. I work intergenerational. I work in groups; I work with individuals. Whatever is needed… that’s what I do. I always work with the highest intention for all and I also turn sitters down when I know I am not the right one for them or am unable to help them.

Fogo Sagado is a shamanic form of healing from the indigenous of the brazilian rainforest. More information here:

Fogo Sagrado

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