gg61523629“Fogo Sagrado“ , to me, is one of the more important tools in my  healing toolbox. Translated, Fogo Sagrado means Sacred Fire. It is truly so, because it transforms and changes.

The therapeutic technique of Fogo Sagrado originates in the healing methods of indigenous cultures of the Amazonian rainforest and was developed from the original by the agriculturalist, pharmacist and healer Aloysius Delgado Nascimento.  He named his method “Alinhamento Energetico”, which means energetic alignment. After Monica Olivieri worked with him as a Medium for many years, she developed Fogo Sagrado, a synthesis of shamanism, oriental knowledge, psychology and quantum physics.

Fogo Sagrado is usually conducted by two sensitive therapists, one of whom acts as a Channel or Medium, the other as a Director or Conductor.  It can also be done by a sole therapist, fulfilling both roles. Carlos Henrique Alves Correa developed a method to be able to conduct an energetic alignment in solo work.  He called it “Ouro Verde”, Green Gold.ind-fogo2

Fogo Sagrado can assist in any disharmonious or unbalanced situation, be it health, finances, relationships, life goals, career, places, buildings, companies, things, children, teens, animals… whatever your topic, Fogo Sagrado can help.

The great thing about Fogo Sagrado is that we don’t work physically with the body of our client, instead we show the real underlying problems and causes and really show them up to the client. The client can observe soul processes in the course of a sitting and also see how a change is brought about. This is for the client of utmost interest, because the client can see events, situations and experiences re-enacted through a therapist on his small “Life-stage”.  Through the mimicry, description or gestures of the Medium, the client can recognize himself and his life. The experiences that come up can range from the current life and happenings through to previous lives.  It can also show up attachment energies that don’t belong to the client, attached by way of envy, jealousy, cursing or ill-wishing.  In some cases, it can even be passed on from generation to generation.

The causes and experiences that are seen and felt as being negative are called “unaligned energy bodies” and are channeled through the medium and expressed. These “bodies” communicate with the Director as long as they need to until a change is noticed and negative perceptions of experiences have shifted to positive ones. The client at this point, does nothing but being present.

In this work, we work with the soul of the client and with the Lightbeings of Fogo Sagrado, nothing is simply just thought up or “fantasized”.  The Lightbeings originate from the Christ Consciousness, that level of Being the first level away from the ALL, according to the shamanic principle of Oneness underlying our work.

These Lightbeings work in exactly the age range of the experienced situation and the stored memory. The dissolve the negativity surrounding the experience and allow light in, so to speak, fresh perspectives through a much higher filter. Now the client is able, if similar situations arise again and push the same old buttons, to perceive differently, think and feel differently and to react differently and through that receive different results.

A long-term change is effected through a personal mantra, which comes along with the transformation of the negative energy bodies in the Christ Consciousness. This is channeled through the Medium. These transformed energy bodies are transferred back to the energy body of the client and the Mantra can be seen as the “Medicine”. If the Mantra is repeated consciously and consistently it strengthens the new vibration of positivity through the transformed energy body. One should watch out for new chances and take hold of opportunities that come along and actually >live< the new vibration.  This means, if you’re single for example, it is counterproductive to be sitting around at home if you are looking for a new relationship.  An illness can truly simply disappear, but it could also be that one is led to the right doctor and a sudden and marked improvement can be noted.  Stay open for the way positive change can show up in your life and throw your doors wide open to life again!

Shamans have known for a very long time that where attention goes, energy flows.  Just like driving a car, where we look, that’s where we’re steering towards. So the mantra helps us to steer our attention in a positive direction for us and helps us leave behind old worn-out paths of perception, thinking, feeling, deciding and reacting. It connects us with our higher qualities that can finally be lived!

A Fogo Sagrado sitting lasts about 2 ½ hours with me.  I ensure that the topic we are working on is worked completely, according to your personal soul plan and your highest development. Time and distance do not play a significant role in Fogo Sagrado, so it can be used anywhere, no matter the distance.


How I work with Fogo Sagrado:

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  • Fogo Sagrado Sole Practitioner
  • Fogo Sagrado Couples Therapy
  • Fogo Sagrado Transdimensional / Family or Group Constellation

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