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Dearest Karleen, The Fogo Sagrado Healing session with you was incredibly deep and liberating to say the least. You where able to go straight to deep seated hurt and impressions that were very on point in my life. This surprised me because I never thought it could be picked up by anyone. You are truly a vessel through which the Divine manifests bringing healing at the emotional, physical and mental states. You are the real deal and the Fogo Sagrado session is a powerful tool to work with pulling out the layers of ignorance which will enable us to shine our true Divine Self. Thank you for continuing to do this so much needed work. Peace, Love and Silence, Diana


Diana B.-J. - U.S.A.

Karleen has the most beautiful energy and was able to give me guidance in order to nudge me on to the right track. Her guidance was compassionate, and loving and has lead me to a state of peace with my decision (which was a far cry as to where I was before!). She is incredibly accurate in her readings and offers new insights into other spiritual topics. I would highly recommend her not only for professionalism and skills, but because of her down to earth nature. I have so much gratitude for her guidance.


Melissa Partanen - Australia

Good Morning, i wanted to Thank you for a reading you gave me a few months back. I will be moving on my own next month && you mentioned Newark now being a special place to me. I met an incredible person who currently resides in Newark, super amazing. Lol Thank you && i hope you have a Bless day 


K.C. - NJ, USA

Dear Karleen, just wanted to say that you were absolutely spot on – you told me there was a “scar” in my uterus causing all my fertility problems and I was puzzled at the time. However, after years of investigations, my doctor just told me today that they have found out a change in the form of my uterus which looks like a “scar” – the word my doctor used! I hope everything will be ok from now on. Thank you once again and be happy! Xx


A.C. - UK

I am so happy to have had a reading with Karleen the other day. She is truly gifted and so sweet. Her kindness and inner strength shine through. Very accurate past and present predictions with her intuitive gift, numerology and astrology. Such a gem! I am looking forward to my 2018 and what she says is so so true “it is what it is”, we all have many ups and downs in a year and I’m embracing mine. You are so precious! Thank you Karleen. HUGS from Dubai.



Karleen, you are amazing! Today was my 4th reading with you and you continue to give me spot on information about my love life. I am so grateful for your gift and ability to ease my “monkey mind” about moving forward with the man of my dreams! I just needed to get out of my own way, and have confidence about deserving to be loved.

Thank you so much for being my guide. I will always be in gratitude to you, as you have been the only reader who saw positivity and love in my current relationship. You will get an invite to my wedding!

Lots of Love and Light to you, my friend and angel,



Elise D.

I had sessions with many different readers and astrologers, I am by myself working with tarot cards and energies, so it is very difficult to find the right person for myself, I was searching for long time and finally I found one – thats Karleen. When I saw her video for the first time many months ago I reacted, resonated, understood that she can help me to answer my questions, can open the information and give the clear messages. That was just beautiful and amazing. Karleen is very precise and clear in her messages and very caring. I had two sessions with Karleen – tarot reading (great work, accurate and clear) and Fogo Sagrado. I want to say that the last one is something really deep, profound and healing. Karleen felt everything and knew what area in life need to be healed and I did not say a word. Karleen is a gorgeous soul. Fogo Sagrado is very interesting and accurate method to heal but be aware that your life is really started to change. As for me – the situations occur and I can see and feel much more in my life comparing to the previous experiences. Of course everyone has its own questions and issues, things to be solved or cleared up, so on this session I got my answers and with Karleen found the really who I am… Karleen knew exactly with what to work, what to heal, carefully showing me my truth. I appreciate Karleen’s work and gift, her care. With Love. Blessing for you, beautiful Karleen, I am very grateful. x


Yana - Russia - the Netherlands

I have been watching Karleen for a few months now on YouTube. At first, I was unsure if I understood Karleen’s style of reading on Lada’s channel. Furthermore, I have to say I am quite the skeptic as readers haven’t been able to read me and give me bad information. I watched Karleen more and more over the weeks and as I watched, her readings were resonating with me. I love how she does a Q&Aat the end of the daily live stream readings. I asked a question and she answered! At that moment, I knew she was the reader for me. I booked my first appointment. Karleen kept is all the way real with me, she told me things no one would’ve known… not even “readers”. She picked up on my energy and my spirit so well even my departed sister came through! Never once did she tell me I was negative or carried negative energy. I had some homework that she gave me to do. And she told me that I would get a job soon and meet the man who will love me for me. Because I did my homework, my dreams came true. I found a job and the man that she described would be coming into my life. I still have more work to do, but because of Karleen she helped me realize my full potential, the empath and intuitive gifts I have. Karleen is my soul sister, she is a wonderful, beautiful, and courageous woman. I appreciate her so! I will continue to check in with her every few months.


Meagan - Arizona

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