Spirit Adventure – Hohlenstein-Stadel


Join me on a walk to Hohlenstein-Stadel/Bärenhöhle in southern Germany! My cell phone was feeling the energy 😀 The Hohlenstein Cave is one of the  most important sites for findings relating to the upper Palaeolithic period. Here, a thigh bone … Read More

Ancestors and Ancestral Healing


Ancestors… Always remember to honor your ancestors.  In many old and indigenous cultures people believed that the ancestors were always imminently present… close at hand, always willing to assist and help. They believed that the ancestors had paved the way … Read More

WalknTalk – Fortress Hohenurach


    Join me on my ramble as I lead you through the ruins of the Fortress Hohenurach in the Swabian Alb of southern Germany. One of the more important ruins of the area. In 1025 the construction of the … Read More

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