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Your lungs take up one third of your upper body and work their entire lives to flush your entire body with fresh, lush oxygen. Do your lungs a favour and take a deep breath right now, then watch the video below on the emotional and mental connect! Then below, download the Herbal Guide with ancient recipes!

VIDEO: Organs & Emotions: Lungs!

Download FREE Herbal Guide with ancient medieval recipes HERE -> HERBS FOR YOUR LUNGS

Gut-Mind – What is yours telling you?

Our intestines, approx. 7.5 m in total, or 25ft, are long digestive tubes, which draw nutrients from our food, and draw toxins from our body. A real long path of digestion, discernment, differentiation and elimination. Our intestines are a part of us where we digest information, and as such, we can see it as another information processing facility or another brain. We also speak of gut feelings, or intuition, or knowingness that we feel in the center of our bodies. It is so important to take care of this part of our bodies, which affects our overall health, balance and even intuition! More info in this video here: Emotions and Organs: How Your Gut Influences Your Emotional Balance!

Download this FREE Herbal Guide with ancient recipes here: Your GutBrain – Healing and Balancing

Liver & Anger…

Our Liver and Gallbladder is a perfect detox system for us, when functioning properly. When not, it can lead to a blockage in energy, resulting in feelings of frustration, powerlessness and explosive anger. Sour is the flavour of the liver, so if you constantly crave sour foods, you may be receiving a message to take better care of your liver. Are you waking up between 1 and 3am? Might be your liver. Are you listening? More info in this video here: Emotions and Organs: Your Liver and Anger Management

Download this FREE Herbal Guide with ancient recipes here: Your Liver – Anger Management

Kidneys, Ancestors, Anxiety & Fear…

There is a lot our kidneys are connected to, work off and for. From storing ancestral chi, to be released when energy drops for the other organs, through to helping us process anxiety and fear, but they also remind us of the importance of territory and boundaries, the kidneys are on a full-time mission to serve. How do we help them? Or do we increase the pressure and demands on them without knowing? Kidneys a re a huge topic, and I’ve only skimmed the emotional aspects in this video here: EMOTIONS & ORGANS: KIDNEYS, ANXIETY AND FEAR

Download this FREE Herbal Guide with ancient recipes here: Your Kidneys – Anxiety and Fear


Learning Lenormand

Accurate Lenormand Readings…

Join Me in this four hour course in Learning to read the Lenormand the old-fashioned Way! Learn the associations with herbs, planets, locations, characteristics, combinations, and almost everything you might need! Some hidden tips and tricks too, you will only find with me!
This recording is yours to keep! You will require your own set of Lenormand Cards, and something to make notes in. Some candles and incense. ♥ Also gain access to the fun facebook group with monthly practice meets, and deeper insights and info, shared readings and interpretations!

Buy HERE: LEARNING LENORMAND- Lenormand Pathways

Psychic Mediumship

Just as these people are standing in a circle saying in sign language: “I love you”, so we will too, in a group that opens up to the beautiful world of Spirit and Spirit Beings.

And so we begin…

There is a lot to learn and know, and if you are just setting out on your journey, you may like to join this group for developed confidence and strength, and seasoned travellers for practice.

We meet once a week, on Zoom, for a 6 week block, then take a break, integrate and assimilate, then we continue. Over time, you will see the closeness to Spirit increase the accuracy and the relevance of your messages, as Spirit trusts and draws closer to you. Welcome to the next chapter on your journey. 💐 Email for more details. Secure your spot and sign up for the next 6-week round, beginning Nov. 30th 2019, here: SECURE MY SPOT


A Treasure Map to Your Truth!

This webinar was channeled for you – if you are seeking to hear that voice deep within, if you find it challenging in your day to day to hear your true Navigation system over the sounds of other outside voices, then this is for you. The information is timeless, and can be easily applied in any situation. A chenneling gifted by my Guide, he guided me to put this together for you!

Download below for only $29.99!

Self-Love: Your Destiny awaits!


Why is it so elusive? Why can manifesting seem so very complicated or difficult? It may not be just your thoughts, there are many other factors that play a role in how your manifestations happen! No hocus-pocus in this webinar either, it’s all very eye-opening and very clear! And what you’ve heard and seen once, you will not lose!

Some of you have watched me change my life completely several times: this is the webinar in which I reveal all my secrets!

You really don’t want to miss this one, because you will manifest a beautiful life, there is no doubt about that, and if you follow this path, you actually have no other choice! We will also do a powerful group manifestation which will ensure you have the best base for your manifesatation! And best of all: No vision boarding or lists, just a lot of fun!

So secure your spot NOW for July 19th after the Lunar Eclipse, and sign up here: MAKE ME A POWERFUL MANIFESTOR!



Angel Wands are made in Mexico, and are beautiful handcrafted works of peace, strength and protection. These wands are crafted with love, using wonderful gems and crystals, and for financial protection and enhancement, there is a dollar note rolled into each.

The energies in Mexico are incredible, and you will be receiving a flash of these as well with this wand… from a land steeped in ancient rituals and connection to worlds unseen.

The wand on the left is a rose quarty with a clear quartz point, and several different complimentary crystals and stones. The glass cylinder casing is stabilized with a wire spiral, and sealed on both ends.

Get yours today! Email me here on my contact page, so we can connect and discuss which one(s) would be right for you! ♥