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Allow me to assist you on your Journey to Freedom and Courageous Expression of Your Inner Truth!

MAY 19th 2019 at 10AM EST
Join Me in Learning to read the Lenormand the old-fashioned Way! We will have ample time to practice – and learn the associations with herbs, planets, locations, characteristics, combinations, and almost everything you might need! Some hidden tips and tricks too, you will only find with me!
This will be recorded and you will receive a copy to keep. You will require your own set of Lenormand Cards, and something to make notes in. Some candles and incense. ♥

Book HERE: LEARNING LENORMAND- Lenormand Pathways

Self-Love Treasure Map
Click on the image above,
or click: here
to Join me in this 180 minute Journey into Self-Love!

Self-Love: What do we really MEAN by it?
How can we truly Self-Love?
Isn’t it Narcissistic?

Self-Love may not be to you what is generally understood!
It really isn’t about worshipping yourself above others,
or even worrying about placing yourself first! 
It leads you past that!
WAY past ALL that!

Throughout my own life, I have had to learn some hard lessons about Self-Love,
I have had to deeply dive into the topic. 
In this Webinar, I share some of my experiences. 
However, through these experiences, I have found my own, secure way to access the inner knowledge within you,
which you absolutely need, in order to activate your Self-Love. 
There is no way around this, if you truly want to get this. 

So I encourage you to take a jump and join this Webinar, you won’t regret it!
The better people are in touch with themselves,
the better a place this entire world will be.

Click on the image above, or here to Join me in this 180 minute Journey into Self-Love!

Self-Love is an ongoing practice, which you will be practicing throughout your life,
but please allow me to give you some of
my hard-earned Tools in this Webinar,
so that you can have a Compass to always guide you on your Journey!

This a recording, and the feedback from the participants has been incredible!
You don’t want to miss this class which helps your dive DEEP into
TRUE Self-Love which will guide you through your life.